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[News From Kagoshima Prefectural Government] Kagoshima Prefectural Government (KPG) has raised the alert level of Covid-19 up to Stage 3 again and officially issued the Explosive Infection Expansion Warning.

Posted:August 7, 2021

The Warning is to be valid from 6 August until 22.

Under the Warning, KPG strongly requests local residents

To cancel or postpone non-essential or non-urgent outing to other prefecture.

To advise their friends or relatives not to come into the Prefecture.

To avoid too long meeting or dining with too many participants.

KPG also requests local restaurants in Kagoshima City to close by 8 p.m.

In addition, KPG has suspended the sales of package tour "Now Re-explore Kagoshima Ver.2" from 6 August until 31 and requests not to use the Kagoshima Travel discount coupon.

For the detail, please check out the site below,

鹿児島県/「爆発的感染拡大警報」発令(令和3年8月6日~8月22日) (pref.kagoshima.jp)

Alert level of Covid-19 reduced down to Stage 2

Posted:July 3, 2021

Kagoshima Prefectural Government (KPG) has reduced the alert level of Covid-19 down to Stage 2 1st July, but still remains under the status of caution against the infection expansion.

All residents are required

・To refrain from non-essential, non - urgent outings to high risk area.

・To follow the prevention measures in club activities at school.

・To pay attention the way of conversation when gathering for summer activities such as BBQ.

・To balance the prevention both of Covid-19 and heatstroke by avoiding heavy physical exercise with wearing a mask, taking sufficient water and salt.

KPG announced that the sales of package tour "Now Re-explore Kagoshima Ver.2" is to resume on 5 July.

For the detail, please check out the site below,


For "Now Re-explore Kagoshima",


Translations of pre-vaccination screening questionnaire, instructions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine etc

Posted:July 3, 2021

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) has uploaded multilingual versions of the pre-vaccination screening questionnaire, and instructions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine in Japan.

MHLW/ Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire for COVID-19 vaccine etc


MHLW/ COVID-19 vaccine etc (Top page)


"Emergency Information regarding to Covid-19 has been announced in Kagoshima Prefecture"

Posted:June 25, 2021

"The Infection Expansion Warning" in Kagoshima ended on 20th June, and the pref government announces "The Infection Expansion alert period" from 21st June and ask citizens to follow the prevention measures. Besides, "The alert level of Covid-19 in Kagoshima" still remains Stage 3.

The prevention measures are Wash your hands, wear masks and keep adequate distance from others Refrain from non-essential and non-urgent outings to high risk areas Follow the prevention measures for school and club activities In dining settings, make sure to have short period of time with minimum number of people, and wear masks when you talk with others Pay attention to how you talk when you go for events such as BBQ and so forth.

For details, please check the link below,

鹿児島県/感染拡大警戒期間(令和3年6月21日~) (pref.kagoshima.jp)

Covid-19 Vaccine Consultation Desk

Posted:April 17, 2021

Foreigners can also receive the Covid-19 vaccine for free. Your municipal government will issue vaccine vouchers, which you can use to receive the vaccine.

If you have questions regarding the Covid-19 vaccination program, please contact the following call centres.

1. General concerns regarding the vaccine voucher, vaccination process, or vaccination centres etc.

  • List of Municipal Consultation Call Centres:


2. Technical or medical concerns such as vaccination side effects.

Kagoshima Prefectural Vaccination Call Centre

  • TEL: 099-833-3221 (Covid-19 Call Centre)
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 - 17:00 (Including weekends and public holidays)

※English, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, and Portuguese consultations available.

3. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's Vaccine Call Centre

  • TEL: 0120-761-770 (Toll-free)
  • Operating Hours: 9:00 - 21:00 (Including weekends and public holidays)
  • Japanese, English, Mandarin, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish: 9:00 - 21:00
  • Thai: 9:00 - 18:00
  • Vietnamese: 10:00 - 19:00

Latest Covid-19 vaccine information by Kagoshima Prefecture [Japanese only]


Kagoshima Prefecture's Consultation Desk for Foreign Residents (070-7662-4541) will respond to other everyday issues and concerns.



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