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"Checklist for Foreign Nationals Using Hello Work"

Posted:April 7, 2021

~Those who will leave their company/have left their company and are searching for new work~

This is a notice from the Japanese government.

Hello Work provides consultation on work and gives job introductions to those searching for new work.

When leaving/joining company, you are required some paper work.

Please make sure to check on important steps in the checklist.



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A daily life support portal for foreign nationals

Posted:April 3, 2021

This PORTAL was launched to provide useful information for foreign nationals residing in Japan and their supporters. To begin with, please read Guidebook on Living and Working. It contains a variety of information addressing the different needs you are likely to have while living in Japan.

Immigration Services Agency URL




Free legal consultations for foreign residents

Posted:April 2, 2021

Organised by an Administrative Scrivener from Kagoshima Prefecture and supported by the Kagoshima International Association

TIME 13:00 - 16:00 Generally held on the 3rd Sunday of each month


Kagoshima Prefectural Citizens' Exchange Center

1F Meeting Room

14-50 Yamashita-cho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, 892-0816

To apply for appointments, or enquire about this service, please contact the Kagoshima Prefectural Administrative Scrivener Office.

A professional administrative scrivener can answer:

  • Renewal or change of Status of Residence
  • Procedures relating to international marriage or residence
  • Bringing family members from home country
  • Other questions in regard to the administrative procedures of citizenship, immigration and residency.


TEL: 099-253-6500 | FAX: 099-213-7033 Email: kgyosei@po.minc.ne.jp

Please view the flyer for further information.

Flyer (English).pdf

Flyer (Japanese).pdf

Email Distribution Service from Immigration Services Agency

Posted:March 20, 2021

Immigration Services Agency has started Email Distribution Service.

This service is intended to provide the latest information from the Immigration Services Agency of Japan, such as useful information on life in Japan and notices tailored to individual statuses of residence, for foreign residents in Japan directly, by means of an email notification system providing.

Please register from the URL below and use it.


You also can get a lot of information on Twitter and Facebook.

Immigration Services Agency Facebook URL


Leaflet (Japanese).pdf

Leaflet (English).pdf

Event and Orientation Session Information by Immigration Services Agency of Japan

Posted:February 5, 2021

Orientation sessions that provide information about the Specified Skilled Worker status of residence in an easy-to-understand manner and job-matching events to connect individuals who want to work in Japan under a Specified Skilled Worker status of residence with Japanese companies are held nationwide. You can attend online from your home or another location.

This event is held in Kagoshima on Saturday 27th February.

Please feel free to examine the website contents.







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