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Refuse Separation App Sanaru (さんあ~る) Service provided by Kagoshima City

Posted:October 23, 2020

For Residents of Kagoshima City

The Refuse Separation App 'Sanaru' (Three Rs of Recycling: 3R) is a free application that informs how to dispose of refuse appropriately in an easy to follow manner.

How to Use:

Step 1: Download the application for iOS or Android.

If your phone is set to Chinese; English; Korean; Nepali or Vietnamese, the app will change its language accordingly.

Step 2: Input your address and the appropriate refuse collection calendar will be automatically applied.

Step 3: Decide and then select whether or not you would like to receive notifications about collection days and/or information from Kagoshima City.

You can also access Sanaru via the web in a variety of languages such as Chinese; English; Korean; Nepali, and Vietnamese.


More information can be found on the Kagoshima City homepage, which is linked below.



The National Census 2020 Deadline extended

Posted:October 10, 2020

To all residents of Japan,

Have you managed to complete the National Census?

The National Census is a vital tool used to find out what types of people are living in Japan and is used in a variety of policies in relation to our lives.

  1. Who is Required? Anyone (including foreign residents) who have been living in Japan since 1st October 2020
  2. When by? Fill in the National Census anytime between the 14th September 2020 to the 20th October 2020.

You can answer the National Census online in a variety of languages including Chinese; English; Korean; Portuguese; Spanish; Vietnamese.

  • Foreign Language Support can be found here.


In order to produce accurate data, the Statistical Law stipulates a mandatory obligation of response to this Census.


【"Simply Sarap"(Simply Delicious):Notice from Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs】

Posted:August 28, 2020

This is an annnouncement of the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs' project titled

"Simply Sarap" (Simply delicious).

The project is an online cooking show that aims to promote simple, healthy and delicious

Filipino dishes using ingredients from your home.

For 10 weeks, "Simply Sarap"will be officially launched from September 3rd through

these accounts that are attached below.

・Facebook Account of the Department of Foreign Affairs:


・Instagram Account of the Department of Foreign Affairs:


・Youtube Account of the Department of Foreign Affairs:


・Facebook Account of Osaka PCG:



Japanese Language and Culture Class for Foreign Residents Now accepting applications for class starting September 2020!

Posted:August 12, 2020

Now accepting applications for class starting September 2020!

Class Schedule

  • Wed Morning Class (10:00 a.m. ~ 11:30 a.m.)
  • Thu Evening Class (6:30 p.m. ~ 8:00 p.m.)

Class Size

Maximum of 15 students per class

Unique Features

More than one teacher per class; difficulty level, teaching methods

and lesson contents will be tailored according to the students'

Japanese language proficiency and their preferences and requests.


A lump sum of 2,000 yen for a total of 20 classes



Application Form



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