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Preliminary Questionnaire for Evening Junior School

Topics Posted:March 15, 2022

The Kagoshima Prefecture Board of Education is carrying out a preliminary questionnaire in preparation for the main questoinnaire that will be carried out to understand the needs related to the Evening Junior Schools.

If there is anyone around you who would like to attend the Evening Junior School, please ask them to help us in answering the questionnaire.

How to participate in the preliminary questionnaire

① By Internet:

Please answer directly using the「Kagoshima Prefecture Electronic Application System」, which can be found at the following website address:


② By Fax:

Please answer on the questionnaire sheet, and fax to the following number: 099-286-5669

Contact Information:

Kagoshima Prefecture Education Bureau, Compulsory Education Department

TEL: 099-286-5300

Please see the Kagoshima Prefecture Board of Education website below for more information.




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