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The "ONE DAY Consultation" - About Jobs - By Kagoshima International Exchange Foundation (KIEX)

Topics Posted:September 25, 2021

Kagoshima International Exchange Foundation (KIEX) will hold a one-day free consultation for foreign residents on October 10, 2021. If you would like to consult, please make a reservation in advance.

1 DateSunday, October 10, 1pm-4pm

2 PlaceInternational Friendship Center Kagoshima (19-18 Kajiya-cho Kagoshima city)

3 Who: Foreign residents who live in Kagoshima City, who work in Kagoshima City or who learn at schools at Kagoshima City

4 Consultation about Finding a Job, Start-Up VisaWorking Visa

5 How to apply: Please Fax or send Email to KIEX

In detail, please see URL below.




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