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[Immigration Services Agency of Japan]Covid-19 vaccination coupon will be delivered!

Topics Posted:August 21, 2021

Immigration Services Agency of Japan has released the leaflet on Covid-19 for all those who wish to receive the vaccine.


1. You will get a "coupon" and the "notice of vaccination" from your residential city services.

2. The coupon won't be delivered if your address is different from that written on your residence card.

3. Once the coupon's arrived, you can reserve for inoculation by following "the notice of vaccination".

Immigration Services of Agency (URL of the leaflet)


Immigration Services of Agency (Information about Covid-19)


Please feel free to contact us if you don't know where to ask. We can help you understand the contents of the leaflet. 【Consultation Desk For Foreign Residents(070-7662-4541)】



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