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Refuse Separation App Sanaru (さんあ~る) Service provided by Kagoshima City

Information Posted:October 23, 2020

For Residents of Kagoshima City

The Refuse Separation App 'Sanaru' (Three Rs of Recycling: 3R) is a free application that informs how to dispose of refuse appropriately in an easy to follow manner.

How to Use:

Step 1: Download the application for iOS or Android.

If your phone is set to Chinese; English; Korean; Nepali or Vietnamese, the app will change its language accordingly.

Step 2: Input your address and the appropriate refuse collection calendar will be automatically applied.

Step 3: Decide and then select whether or not you would like to receive notifications about collection days and/or information from Kagoshima City.

You can also access Sanaru via the web in a variety of languages such as Chinese; English; Korean; Nepali, and Vietnamese.


More information can be found on the Kagoshima City homepage, which is linked below.





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